Our Shop

For many people amber is also quite a special stone, because it is known for its curative powers.  Since centuries people know amber essence which aids in colds or baby-chains which are used to ease the pain when children get their first teeth. Many have carried amber pendants because of its good influence on neck and vocal chords.


In our shop we offer our visitors the possibility to admire the uniqueness of the amber and to shop of course also.


With this passion for this unique stone exclusive pieces of jewellery are produced till this day, which fulfil the highest demands of individuality and high-quality processing.

So in our shop you`ll find elegant necklaces, in silver and gold edged pendants and rings, bracelets in different dimensions, as well as earrings, baby chains, prayer chains and original brooches.


Not only jewellery, but also quite special objects are there to be discovered, which can serve, for example, as a present for special occasions – to these belong an amber chess board, impressively processed, which could stand in every amber museum.


At our shop in Salzburg you can also admire and purchase exhibits made from artists as for example a butterfly sitting on an amber or a praying mantis. These are big exhibits which can decorate elegant rooms as for example an offices, study or conference room.


Also you find smaller pieces, e.g., fine, perfectly carved, small amber animal figures, like owl, dog, cat who will give a lot of pleasure not only to children.


You can also find inclusions which  stimulate the  interests of many of our visitors. These are inclusions in amber which are presented under a magnifying glass. Still today perfectly preserved and enclosed in resin before millions of years, one can still see fossils, smaller animals and plant parts. In particular inclusions of, for example, softly winged insects, release big admiration and fascinate by their finest details with full-physical preservation.